Launch your project and reach thousands of contributors.




Create campaigns from scratch

A complete set of tools is at your fingertips to set up everything you need for a professional ICO.
Create a smart contract, generate your token, and attract investors—all in the same place!


Manage your tokens in real-time

Monitor and manage your campaign from your ease-to-use dashboard. Here you can analyze charts to see how your campaign is doing, get insight on engagement, and track your tokens value in real time.


Your token listed on our exchange

If you execute your crowdsale on our marketplace, your successful token will be listed on our Exchange platform!

Pay with Bitcoin or over 40 altcoins.
Credit card
We accept Visa and Mastercard payments.
Bank transfer
Secure transfer from your bank account to ours.
Pay later
Buy tokens now, pay for them later.

Explore our built-in powerhouse where ICOs can be created, marketed, and funded with ease.



What is ChainCreator Market?

ChainCreator Market is an ICO crowdfunding platform where campaigns are carried out from start to finish. We provide a built-in powerhouse where ICOs can be created, marketed, and funded with ease.
Think about Kickstarter, but for ICOs and with a few additional perks, such as simplicity, which makes it accessible to non-technical people.

Why should I choose ChainCreator Market for listing my project?

Successful campaigns that have been launched on ChainCreator Market will have their token listed on our exchange platform!

It is also the safest environment for ICOs—we carefully control and review every submitted project and we guarantee its legitimacy once it has been launched.

Additionally, launching or contributing to ICOs can be done in minutes, due to the platform’s user-centered and intuitive nature. You can also collect funds via different payment methods, making it extremely convenient for anyone to support your project.

How can I launch my project?

If you’ve completed forms before, launching your project will be a breeze. We’ll ask you to fill out a short form that will help us understand your project better, create a smart contract, and generate your token.
After its submission, your project will be immediately reviewed by our team. You’ll receive frequent updates about the review status, as well as about your campaign’s progress once your project has been published.

Are there any requirements for launching a project on ChainCreator Market?

Yes. For you to fill out the submission form with all the required information, you must have your team formed, your business model ready, a whitepaper, and a website.

How do you determine a project’s legitimacy before it’s published on ChainCreator Market?

We carefully analyze each submitted project before it’s published to ensure a safe and trustworthy environment for everyone.
In our review process, we focus heavily on the project’s value and viability, its team members and their activity, as well as on the attributes of the proposed token.

How Is ChainCreator Market choosing the projects?

We carefully audit the project’s teams, whitepaper and business framework, in order to make sure the projects listed are legit.

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